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What We Do

Attention-grabbing advertisements provide instantly updatable awareness of parts specials, promotions, and incentives.

Digital signage, along with an integrated service menu board, allows you to instantly update your service prices, promotions, and incentives.

Your best customers are sitting in your service waiting area for an average of 1 hour, 32 minutes. Dealer TV will showcase your products and services and create new sales and up-sell opportunities.

Our custom video wall solutions make ad space out of blank space, modernizing and energizing your showroom.


Exciting and Compelling

The Automotive Broadcasting Network is the most exciting and compelling marketing tool to happen to the retail automotive industry in 50 years.

Larry Van Tuyl, Chairman
Berkshire Hathaway Automotive Group

Getting Our Message Across

We know we are getting our message across to people who are driving our product. You can't buy this kind of advertising or this kind of control anywhere else.

About ABN

The Story

Jerry Daniels, the company’s founder, created the concept behind ABN after experiencing the powerful video programming that automakers create to share upcoming model year plans with their dealer body. A 25-year veteran in retail automotive, Mr. Daniels had previously been an EVP with stewardship over 25 dealerships with Asbury Automotive, one of the largest automotive retailers in the country. He knew that these exciting videos were very effective in marketing, communicating, generating excitement and increasing loyalty.


Experience Drives Success

He reasoned that this type of informative, compelling video media could also be very effective in the dealership to create a bond with waiting room visitors and customers who sit captive for an hour or more waiting for their vehicle to be serviced. That tight bond between the dealership and their customer would result in increased sales and customer loyalty. Additionally, he was bothered as we walked through the service waiting areas and saw competitors’ commercials playing on his televisions. He recalls, “We build these multi-million dollar facilities, then spend hundreds of thousands, if not, millions of dollars in advertising to drive customers to our dealerships, and then, when we have these hard-earned customers sitting in our customer waiting areas, we let them watch daytime soap operas as well as ads from our competitors on the TVs we provide for an hour and a half while they wait for their cars to be serviced. That’s crazy!” In late 2006, Mr. Daniels left his position as Executive Vice President to form the Automotive Broadcasting Network®. Early in 2007, we met with executives at CBS and formed an alliance that is now the Automotive Broadcasting Network® Fueled by CBS. CBS, America’s number one television network, provides the Automotive Broadcasting Network® with high quality, fast paced, family-friendly entertainment, such as prime-time programming not available during the normal business hours, show segments, and program shorts that have proven to be popular, lighthearted, and entertaining.

Industry Leadership

The Automotive Broadcasting Network is a member of the Digital Signage Federation, the only not-for-profit independent voice of the digital signage industry, reflecting the diverse constituencies that make up our industry. ABN is fully aligned with the goals of DSF, which is focused on building a strong foundation for the advancement of the industry.


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